How to hide all pictures on the new Facebook profile


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Facebook updated its privacy settings for users yet again. Now, most (if not all) users have been transitioned to Facebook’s Timeline format. Here’s how to hide all pictures on the new Facebook profile:

Let’s start with all the pictures that you have in photo albums.

Go to your photos section on your page and click the friends button. (See left.)

After clicking that button, select “only me” which will end up making the icon look like a lock. (See left.)

So now, all of the photos in your albums should be hidden. But what about the photos you’ve been tagged in by others?

It’s time to change your privacy settings for photos you are tagged in on Facebook.

Go to your privacy settings and click on the following settings link:

Once you are here you have more options. Click on the next setting option:

Customize your setting and make your option to “only me.”

All of your photos are now private. Only you can see them now! Success!

Want to test it? You can see how others see your Facebook page.

Go to your profile and click the following drop down next to Activity log:

Click ‘view as’ and then you will have an option to choose how one of your friends views your Facebook page. Then, enter someone’s name and you’re set.


Here’s the original post

Today, it took me and two other people about 30 minutes of Googling to figure out how to make the new “recent photos” section disappear from the new Facebook design. After I figured it out, three more friends asked me how I had made the change within minutes. So, here’s how to do it.

My friend had hidden all of her photos to everyone other than herself previously. But for some reason, there were still some photos showing up. Here’s what it looked like:

Here’s how to make it so that there are no pictures along the top of your profile.

Step 1: Hide all images and videos tagged of you to everyone but yourself.

Click Account >> Privacy Settings >> Customize Settings >> Photos and videos I’m tagged in >> Edit Settings.

Here, use the drop down arrow and select Only Me.

You might THINK you are done now… but you aren’t. At this point, photos tagged of you in most albums will not show up. What’s left is a group of pictures coming from one remaining album: Your profile image album.

To make these go away, go to the following link:

Use the drop down menu to make your profile picture album viewable to “Only You.”

And NOW, my friends, your profile will look like mine below (minus the “this is what your profile looks like to Chase Eugene Moore” box). Enjoy!

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5 Comments on “How to hide all pictures on the new Facebook profile”

  1. Syntaxx Says:

    how bout the new facebook? i mean the one we have today. its new–er

  2. laura Says:

    what about the new privacy settings 😦

  3. itsprestonm Says:

    Syntaxx and Laura — I’m in the process of writing a new post with updated information. Stay tuned!

  4. Audrey Moore Says:

    Now NO ONE but me can see my inages?

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